Fermenting for Usable CO2, Selecting Hose for Secondary Regulators, Pellicle in my Fermenter but not in my Keg yet, & How to Know if a Fermenter can Handle Pressure – Ep. 389


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It’s been a wet and humid Summer down here in central Texas but at least we aren’t burning in triple digit temperatures…yet. Regardless, it is that time for yet another episode of our Homebrew Happy Hour podcast!THE home brew #podcast where we answer all of your home brewing questions and discuss anything related to craft beer!


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On Today’s Show:

Fermenting for Usable CO2, Selecting Hose for Secondary Regulators, Pellicle in my Fermenter but not in my Keg yet, & How to Know if a Fermenter can Handle Pressure

00:00:00 – 00:19:00 Sponsors & Small Talk
00:19:01 – 00:28:21 Fermenting for Usable CO2
00:28:22 – 00:37:26 Secondary Regulator Tubing
00:37:27 – 00:49:54 Fermenter Infection but not in the Keg
00:49:55 – 01:04:35 Can My Fermenter Handle Pressure?

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