Homebrew Disconnects: Ball Lock and Pin Lock Overview


Believe it or not, some of the most frequently asked questions we receive in our inbox are from people wanting to know the differences between the two styles of homebrew disconnects, “ball lock” and “pin lock”.

In this video, Todd Burns from Kegconnection.com breaks down a very basic overview showing you the differences between the styles as well as the most common varieties of each style using the very popular CMBecker disconnects for his visual aid.

You can see every disconnect offered at: https://www.kegconnection.com/disconnects/ Remember to make sure that your disconnects have the CMB or “Made in Germany” stamp on them or you’re probably being sold cheap imitations!

If you there is a product or piece of equipment that you’d like for us to go over in a future video, let us know in the comments below or you can email me: [email protected]