A message from your favorite co-host, Joshua


Can you tell who came up with the title for this week’s show?

It’s true, it was me (joshua). The reason I’m in complete control right now is because I’m solo and here to announce that, unfortunately, we don’t have a new episode this week. It’s been CRAZY busy with the usuals on the show and this week’s guest had to cancel so we’re sorry we couldn’t bring you fresh content for this week.

No worries, we will be back next week with a brand new episode! Any and all hate mail regarding the lack of a new show this week can be sent to [insert Todd’s email address here]!

As always, If you have a question that you’d like us to discuss on a future episode, please click on the “Submit a Question” link at the top of the page!

Let us know what you think and enjoy the show!

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