American Brown Ale Recipe


Your going to love this take on an American Brown Ale with it’s subtle toasty notes of caramel, chocolate.  This beer is accented by Magnum and Crystal hops.  This brown is dry and crisp with balanced bitterness and higher alcohol that found with traditional British Browns. Born in the USA and ready to please!

The American Brown Ale was developed in 1980s America and was our answer to the English Brown Ale. American Brown Ales have a higher alcohol content, and “hoppier” taste in general. 

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American Brown Ale            (5 Gallon)

Grains / Additions
Hop Schedule
10lbs Pale Ale Malt
1lb Caramel 40L
8oz Caramel 80L
8oz Chocolate Malt
• 60 min 1oz Magnum
• 15 min 0.5oz Crystal
• 2  min 1oz Crystal
By the Numbers

OG:1.057   FG:1.012  ABV:5.9%
IBUs: 35

Mash Temp: 152°
Mash Time: 60 min
Boil Time: 60 min
Primary Ferm Temp: 67°

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