Managing foam on your home draft beer system — Ep. 129


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With Easter coming soon (as in, a day or two from when we’re publishing this!), we hope you have a wonderfully relaxing weekend with your friends and/or family or even by yourself! I know that, for me personally, I’m super excited because my Dad and I will be sharing our first all-grain recipe we brewed together with our extended family at our Easter gathering. My family loves IPAs (what’s wrong with them, amirite?) so I’m hoping that they’ll love the one we brewed. I think it turned out great but you can probably relate to me in that I think EVERYTHING I do turns out great. I’m just |a little| narcissistic… that’s all! 😉

On Today’s Show:

Todd (Kegconnection) recently received an email from a listener and customer who has been having some foaming issues on one of their kegs, even after switching to CMB flow control faucets. This got Todd thinking and so we take the question and also elaborate on the most common issues that draft systems face specifically in regards to controlling foam and maintaining a proper pour for your beer. Of course, we also have James (CMBecker) and on the show since it’s always his faucets we recommend as solutions so he brings some valuable insight into the world of flow control solutions. As usual, I’m just here to facilitate. 🙂

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