Used HERMS Demo Units for Sale



    1st Unit: Spike 20 gallon Herms Brewing System Complete.
    This Spike 20 Gallon HERMS System has been used at Kegconnection’s headquarters to brew test batches for just under 4 years. This system is in great shape and is a pleasure to brew on. It has large kettles that actually hold more than 20 gallons and we often brewed 17.5 gallon batches so we could completely fill three of the 5 gallon kegs. This system was originally over $5,200.
    Price with FREE SHIPPING is $2595.00 SOLD

    2nd Unit: Brautag Prototype
    This was the last Prototype unit we used before the final product. It has 3 AMCYL Kettles that are marked to 20 gallons, but have about 22 gallons of capacity. These kettles are new, unused. This These kettles have welded fittings which are strong but have some minor imperfections in the weld. would be an issue in a fermenter, but poses no issue in the brewing kettles because everything is boiled in the end. The controller on this system is almost identical to the final controller and works great. Todd has brewed on this controller at his home about 5 times. This system comes ready to brew!
    Price with FREE SHIPPING is $1,990 (Less than it cost to build!) SOLD

    3rd Unit: Pre-Brautag Prototype
    This was our very first HERMS system. It has stainless steel bulkhead fittings. The Kettles are AMCYL 20 gallon kettles that actually hold about 22 gallons. The controller works well, but it not a “pretty” as our newer controllers (this is James description, Todd thinks it looks great). This was Todd’s main brewing system for 2 years. It was replaced (not because it did not work great) because we were trying to test other units. This unit is fully functional and ready to brew!
    Price with FREE SHIPPING (to business addresses) is $1,490 (much less than it cost to build!) SOLD

    3 Kettles ONLY, welded for Fittings. Hot Liquor Tank, Mash Tun and Boil Kettle
    These three Kettles were used a couple of times and set up with HERMS system. They are ready to go for a do-it-yourself Herms system and we can help with any parts you need. They hold just over 19 gallons each. They have all welded fittings. They have some dings and dents from original shipping, but this does not affect function.
    Price is $500 (way under cost) for pickup or we can quote shipping to your location. SOLD