Talking Malts with Special Co-Host Jason Chalifour from Muntons — Ep. 144


We are so happy to have you back, our homebrewing friend!

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On Today’s Show:

I want to preface this by saying that it just happened to work out that I needed a guest host this week and the absence of Todd and James on this week’s show is not directly related to how bitter I still am at them both for not sharing any of the Schlussel altbier with me and keeping it all to themselves… I know, I know – that seemed pretty bitter and WAAAAY too coincidental, but it’s true. Todd was out of town, James was still at the beach, Joe was running Homebrew Supply and I needed to record this week’s content a week early because, as you’re reading this, I am sitting on the sands of South Padre Island enjoying from Fruh Kolsch or Altstadt Alt (which is an incredible altbier but isn’t Schlussel… but I’m not bitter about it… no, really…)!

Fortunately, for us all, our buddy and long time homebrewer, Jason Chalifour, graciously joined me to help take your questions. Jason, as you may remember, also happens to be a sales executive with Muntons and so I’ve typecasted him as “the malt guy” and, again, he was nice enough to oblige. We catch up with what he’s been brewing, his set up, and we discuss a question on recipe building and choosing a base malt.

I had a ton of fun with Jason and really do hope to have him on again in the near future, especially since I hold grudges for so long and who knows when I’ll forgive Todd and James?!  😉

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