Transporting a fermenting batch, does trub affect your hydrometer reading, calibrating an electric system, & using a clean but unsanitized keg – Ep. 245


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On Today’s Show:

Sorry about taking last week off! I was actually out sick and I’m still recovering from it but I’m ‘normal’ enough to crank out a new episode for y’all and I’m thankful that Todd was able to join me as well. In this week’s episode, we help a listener who is brewing off-site and wants to take their portion of a batch home with them immediately after brewing so they’re curious if anything might get ‘messed up’ in transit. 
Then, we take a question from a new brewer who wants some advice on taking hydrometer readings. Should the test tube be only clear liquid or is it OK if some floaties make their way into the tube?
After that, we have a listener write in who is looking to switch to electric brewing but they want to know how often they should expect to calibrate the temperature controllers on an e-brewing system. 
Finally, we wrap up with a question from someone who accidentally transferred beer into a clean but unsanitized keg. Is his batch going to get infected or is he over thinking it?

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