What all changes when you scale a recipe, pitching the ‘wrong’ yeast, ball lock disconnect stuck on the post, & grains and hops to always have on hand – Ep. 264


Happy to have you back, homebrewer!

We’ve got another jam-packed episode of our weekly Homebrew Happy Hour podcast… the #podcast where we answer all of your home brewing questions and discuss anything related to craft beer!


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On Today’s Show:

Our first question on this week’s show is about scaling up or down a recipe and what that means for your mash and your boil times. Spoiler: it doesn’t mean much and we go over why.
Then we tackle a question about pitching the “wrong” yeast on brew day. Will the batch be a total dud and dumpable or could it turn out to be a pleasant surprise?
Next, we discuss why ball lock disconnects seem to be interchangeable (as in: liquid disconnects appear to fit on a gas post) yet when you accidentally put the wrong disconnect on a post, it’s very difficult to remove. What do YOU do when that happens to you?
Our fourth and final question on this week’s show was about what grains and hops we would keep around at all times if we were buying in bulk. Another spoiler: it only takes Pilsner malt and Vienna malt plus some noble hops like Hallertaur to make a solid kolsch! 🙂

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