Carbonating while lagering, carbonating and serving nitro stout, aging beers, & using ale yeast in an Oktoberfest batch — Ep. 195



Hola, mis amigos cervecero!

and welcome back to our Homebrew Happy Hour podcast… the podcast where we answer all of your homebrewing questions and discuss anything related to craft beer!


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On Today’s Show:

James, Todd, and I are together to take on your homebrewing related questions and take part in sometimes relevant small talk as well. Which reminds me – we decided (well, Todd decided) that we’re going to try and cut back on the small talk *just a little bit* and also add one additional question each show! This means our shows will go slightly longer than normal and we might actually end up being a full hour, thus fulfilling our show’s name as the Homebrew Happy Hour. We also realize that we can, sometimes, digress a bunch and have REALLY long small talk so this will help us maintain our entertainment value but increase the educational/informational value of our show. Please let me know if this is something you enjoy because we love your feedback!

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