Dealing with frozen beer, bottling nitro stouts with a beer gun, dislodged airlocks, and placing propane burners on wood platforms – Ep 217


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On Today’s Show:

January FLEW by, didn’t it?! It’s crazy to me how quick time seems to pass these days. As you may have heard me mention on previous episodes, I’m in the middle of moving a town over so all of my free time has been packing up our house, purging things I don’t want to take with us, and getting ready to move. It’s been crazy!

Thankfully, my favorite part of the week is producing new episodes of this show and I’m also especially thankful for Todd and James because, without them, I couldn’t possibly begin to answer all of the questions in our HHH inbox. To be fair, even when my brain isn’t fried and overloaded with house selling and house buying and moving stuff, I probably couldn’t answer most of your questions then either.

This week was fun as we discuss a question from a listener who discovered that they had accidentally frozen their keg of beer. We also got a question from a new Blichmann Beer Gun owner about the possibilities of using the device to bottle from a keg of nitrogenated beer. Then, we discussed a question about what might happen if your airlock becomes dislodged during fermentation. Finally, we wrap up the show with a question about the potential safety hazards of using a propane burner on top of a wood pallet base.

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PS – here’s a link to the shelving unit James mentioned:

Here’s a pic of Todd’s sweeeeeet set up:


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