*DIY* Build a Jockey Box in under 7 Minutes!


Jockey Boxes are a great way to take your beer (commercial or home brewed) with you to events, parties, picnics, or anywhere that isn’t your usual home draft system.

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1 Faucet Build Your Own Jockey Box! - 8

1 Faucet Build Your Own Jockey Box! – 8″ x 14″ Cold Plate, one Faucet

This kit allows you to build your own Jockey box. A jockey box allows you to dispense your beer from a keg that is not iced down by having beer pass though the cold plate inside of an ice chest.

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They’re easy to use and, with this DIY Jockey Box kit from Kegconnection.com (shameless plug from Todd), they’re easy to build too!

The kit comes with everything you need besides the cooler. In our experience, you can pick these up for pretty cheap at any sporting goods store or a Walmart near you. Online options exist too (Amazon) but we haven’t found the pricing to be much different and we like to get hands on with the cooler before purchasing. We’ve always used standard Igloo or Coleman but would love to hear what you’re using and what coolers you’ve found work best for jockey box builds.

Follow along with this totally non-click-baity titled video and see how easy it actually is to make your own jockey box and start enjoying your beer on the go!