HomebrewCon 2019 RECAP EPISODE — Ep. 138


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On Today’s Show:

We’re BACK (that’s two “BACK”s in all caps already so you know it’s gonna be a good show) from Providence, Rhode Island and here to discuss the fun we had at HomebrewCon 2019! TL;DR version: it rocked. Longer version: we had such an amazing time meeting more members of the homebrewing community and also connecting with the TONS of YOU who showed up and stopped by our booth. It was incredibly humbling and encouraging to meet you all and receive your feedback and support of the show. Honestly – I joke all the time but I can’t thank you enough for making this podcast my favorite thing to do with my time.

So, yeah. This episode is literally a beginning-to-end recap of our time in Rhode Island where we discuss what we loved about HomebrewCon, and what we are looking forward to next year in Nashville! Since Nashville is a more centralized location, we hope that even MORE of you can make it out and hang out with us (and, really – drink all the beer we bring).

I know I’m happy to be home though and excited to share with you about our experiences on today’s episode.

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