How to Replace the Pressure Adjustment Bonnet on a Taprite Regulator


We’ve gotten a few requests from listeners of our podcast on how to replace the bonnet on their premium Taprite regulator whenever it strips. Stripping isn’t a common issue with these regulators but can occur, especially if you’re using your system consistently to force carbonate your beer. Fortunately, it’s easier to fix than you might think! James Carlson from CMBecker International shows you how in this short and sweet video. REMINDER – if you did purchase your Taprite regulator from, it does come with a 2-year extended warranty! So, if you don’t feel like replacing the bonnet yourself, you can ship it to Kegconnection and they’ll replace it for free and cover the shipping costs. However, if you’re like us and would rather not wait longer than you have to, you can also get the replacement kit shipped out to you and do it yourself! T

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