Upgrading your fermentation equipment — Ep. 153


Happy weekend, homebrewer!

Thank you for joining us for yet another episode of the Homebrew Happy Hour … the podcast where we answer YOUR homebrewing questions and discuss all things related to craft beer!

On Today’s Show:

Todd and James join me for a fun filled episode of the show! We catch up with the birthday boy, Mr. Carlson, about him turning 50. We also are reminded how annoyed Todd gets by me and how much he’s looking forward to me starting to gush about Founder’s Breakfast Stout (can you sense the sarcasm yet?). We also eventually take a couple of questions and it’s this segment of the show that I’m most thankful for Todd and James! Kidding aside —

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Bohemian Pilsner that James brewed –
All Grain: https://homebrewsupply.com/bohemian-pilsner-all-grain-recipe-kit/
Extract: https://homebrewsupply.com/bohemian-pilsner-extract-recipe-kit/

02:28 – Todd’s idea for promoting our Patreon
07:41 – New recipes we’re developing
08:56 – News and exclusives for our Patreon community
12:00 – Update one James’ latest brew, a Bohemian Pilsner
18:13 – Question 1, upgrading fermentation equipment
34:50 – Question 2, using a kegerator to serve and ferment?