Lagering a Kölsch and making a yeast starter directly in the bucket — Ep. 141


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On Today’s Show:

Todd is back! Man, if I had a nickel for every “Todd is back!” intro I had to write over the years for this show, I’d have a lot of nickels. Dude is always doing something – busy guy! Anyway, the bummer though is that James couldn’t be on this week’s show because his computer took a dump last week… but, fear not, we’ll all be on together again very soon and actually have a very fun episode planned for next week as we get to have our German buddy from CMB, Stephan Becker, back on the show!

On this week’s show, Todd and I discuss one of my favorite styles in the world, the Kölsch! Specifically, we tackle a question regarding the lagering process and, believe it or not, Todd doesn’t get angry at me as I fawn over Kölsch all episode long. We also take a question on making a starter in a unique way; directly in the fermenataion vessel that this person is going to end us using (bucket or carboy). Neither one of us had even considered this method but it was actually a lot of fun to discuss!

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