Losing your boil halfway thru and brews that are ready in 2 weeks — Ep. 125


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Thank you for joining us once again for the Homebrew Happy Hour show! This is the show where we answer YOUR questions about homebrewing and commercial craft beer. When we aren’t doing Q&A episodes, we try to find fellow homebrewers, industry professionals, or really anyone that’ll do 30’ish minutes with me on the phone 😉

On Today’s Show:

Fan favorite, Ladik Joe Ermis joins me once again for this week’s episode. I know I’ve said this a million times but I’m super grateful for my peers, like Joe, who are so willing to come on the show on short notice and help me answer your questions. Joe is also known as the IPA guy around here and he’s the man behind the recipe that my dad and I brewed for our first all-grain brew day so I was glad to update him on the success of how that beer turned out!

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