Lagering in a keg and a discussion on the differences between base malts — HHH Ep. 117


It’s almost the end of January and Todd is still dry.

In case you haven’t been keeping up; Todd made a pledge to not drink a single beer (actually, to not have a single drink of any alcohol) for the entire month of January. Believe it or not, he’s kept to it which is way better than how I’m keeping up with my resolution to work out more and quit eating breakfast cereal for every meal. ANYWAY – We’re super proud of Todd but he has assured me that the first episode of February will be a wonderful return for him so we are definitely looking forward to that.

On Today’s Show

Today’s show is a fantastic Q&A episode discussing your questions about lagering in a keg as well as the differences in base malts. Many folks like to simplify their brew process and fermenting in a keg is an extremely common practice, but what about lagering in a keg? Do you lager/cold crash/cold condition your beers at all? Then we dive into the surface level of base malts and their differences. This is when I should mention how grateful I am for James and Todd’s knowledge because I was totally ready to just Google this question and read off a screen but my favorite co-hosts were able to join me for this week’s episode!

We want to hear from you!

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Let us know what you think and enjoy the show!



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